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Base product range

Haupa tools and cable connecting technology for the electrical industry / Standard program

  • Standard tools / screwdrivers, 2-component Electricians’ screwdrivers, 2-component cross slotted screwdrivers Phillips, 2-component cross slotted screwdrivers Pozidriv, socket wrenches, replaceable blade system, replaceable blade system „VarioTQ“, Electronic screwdrivers, Precision screwdrivers, Allen keys, Voltage testers, Screwdriver bits, Ratchet screwdriver with bits, Socket sets, Spanners, Open-jawed ring wrench with ratch function, Adjustable single-head wrench with ratch function, Torque wrenches, Switch cabinet keys, Pliers, 2-component pliers, electronic pliers, Grip pliers, Pipe wrenches, Riveting pliers, Tweezers, ESD electronic pliers
  • LED lamps/torches and Compact floodlights / LED lamps, LED torches, LED headlamp, LED Battery-powered Working Lamp, Signal light, Compact floodlight, Mini working light
  • Measuring tools, Maintenance, Chisels, Hammers, Knives / Folding rules, Measuring tapes, spirit levels, Precision pocket vernier calipers, Deep hole marker, Marking chalk, Chalk line roller Squid, Hand brush, Metal dustpan with wooden handle, Textile tape, Tarpaulin, Dust protection door, Construction foil, Wire brushes, Water brushes, Paint scrapers, Chisels, centre punches, hatchets, hammers, Steel stamps, Files, Cable stripping knives, Tin snips, tube cutters, Saws, saw blades
  • Drilling tools, Screws / Twist drills, ground, drills, Step drills, Cone drills, Screw punches, Diamond hollow core cutters, Cutting discs, Hollow saws, Adapter for hollow saws, Threading bits, taps, Wood screws, Tin screws, assembly screws, Machinery screws, cylinder screws, Hexagonal nuts, washers, Screws assortments
  • Tool cases / Nylonbags, Backpacks, Belts and jackets, Service bags, Tool sets, Tool case, Leather tool cases, Tool cases with tools, Tool cases with 1000 V tools, Hard-top tool cases, Network service case 
  • SysCon - Systemcontainer, Workshop trolley / containers can be connected to each other, ABS plastic box, assortment inserts empty, tool box empty, Tools inserts, Foam inserts, hand truck, load securing, tool case sets, Workshop trolley
  • HUPchemie, Soldering accessoires / Adhesives, silicon, Cartridge gun, 2 Component High-Performance-Adhesive, 2 Component-epoxyd glue, 2 Component liquid metal, Double-Sided Acryl Tape, UV-Hardening GRP Repair-Film, Screw-Locking, Anti-Friction-Coating, Water-based lubricants and slip agents, Aluminium-Spray, Marking Paint, Zinc-Spray, Stainless-Steel-Spray, Silicone-Spray, PTFE-Spray, Polymer-Spray, Universal-Lubricant, Anti-Rust-Spray, Contact spray, Fast degreaser, Electric-Engine-Cleaner, Metal Degreaser, Foam Cleaner, Graffiti-Remover, Label-Remover, Compressed Air, Cleaning Wipes, Freeze-Spray, Smoke-Detector-Test-Spray, Soldering irons, Soldering stone, Soldering paste, Soldering fluid, Soldering grease, Solder for electronic work, Solder lead-free 

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