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Poly-Norm 2000 Ltd.

We are the sales-marketing representative of tool manufacturer Haupa GmbH in Hungary, distributor of electric heating cable manufacturers Raychem, Klöpper-Therm, Eltherm, Thermotex, Eltrace, Dekoron Unitherm, importer and specialized distributor of Energy Division of TE Connectivity (former Tyco Electronics) who produces Raychem power cable accessories. We would like to present those components and products in detail that are produced by the above listed manufacturers.


We have been the sales representative of Haupa GmbH in Hungary since 1994. The tools and installation materials of Haupa GmbH & CO.KG are the most known and accepted products in EU, due to the wide product range, the excellent quality and the advantageous price. Number of our customers, wholesalers, dealers and retailers have been growing continiusly, we can say proudly that Hungary is the most dynamic growing market of Haupa in the EU.


We have sold and installed more than 450.000 meters of self-regulating electric heating cables since our establishment in Hungary and in the country of EU. We have become one of the biggest heating-cable distributor in the region! Our success comes from own set high standards, customer oriented business policy, more than 30 years experience of our suppliers and extreme quality of the sold products.


We are the distributor of Raychem power-cable accessories that brand have been being market leader in Hungary since 1972. The number of offered and sold products have been extended after acquisition some companies by Tyco Electronics and TE Connectivity. Like GURO, AMP, SIMEL, BOWTHORPE, HELLSTERN. These brands belong to one family, offering connection solution from 0,4 kV up to 245 kV.

The number of offered products is increasing continuously, we trust in it, that designers, installers, retailer and customers find the required, relevant information in our home page.

Haupa Pentair Raychem Klöpper-Therm Unitherm Eltherm Thermotex Eltrace TE Connectivity Raychem from TE Connectivity Guro STAHL ExRFID SST Group I-warm

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If you have a question regarding heating-cables, cable accessories or HAUPA products, please apply to our colleagues. We are at your disposal with our long-term experience and specialized knowledge.

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