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New products

 Some new products from the close past years:

- MXSU-12 and MXSU-24 medium voltage transition joints between oil-paper insulated cables and polymeric insulated cables, with cross section application range 95…240 mm2 on both sides.

- New series of RSES, RSSS 250 A straight and elbow separable connectors with cross section range: 16…95 mm2 and 70…150 mm2 now are equipped by mechanical cable lugs and voltage detection test point. Comparing them with the older ones, they have got bigger application range, and no need to use compressing tool for installation.

- EKM-2050, EKM-2051, EKM-2020, EKM-2072 fuse boxes with 5 kA (3 kA) low voltage arrester to protect LED lamps against lightning strike, discharge or overvoltage spikes from the cable network. Gel filled plastic closure with surge arrester: COBOX-SLSA10-S-X7 for retrofitting an existing lamp connection, interrupting the lamp cable between an old EKM fuse box and the LED device.

- BLMT mechanical cable lugs with shear head bolts with bigger application cross section range e.g. BLMT-150/400 and bigger max. applicable cross section up to 800…1000 mm2. Bolted lugs with double palm holes are available now.

- BSMB mechanical connectors with shear head bolts and blind hole now have bigger max. cross section up to 800…1000 mm2, e.g. BSMB-800-1000. They are for low and medium voltage applications as well.

- New family of insulation piercing connectors for low voltage overhead line connections e.g. P2B100UMk2, P3B120. They are for bare overhead line and insulated service cable connection, with special grooved contact plate on the main side (without blades), avoiding the damaging the surface of bare conductor.

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