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Insulation piercing connectors for low voltage overhead lines (LV-ABC lines)

Insulation piercing connectors for low voltage overhead lines

The waterproof insulation piercing connectors are suitable for majority types of LV-ABC voltage  conductors as well as connections to service and lighting cable cores. (LV-ABC=low voltage aerial bundled conductor system).

The connection can be established without removing the conductor insulation. When tightening the bolts, the teeth of the contact plates penetrate the insulation and establish a perfect contact. The bolts are tightened until the heads shear off. Connector teeth are factory greased and covered with a rubber seal to retard water entry and corrosion. Components are not losable, end cap attached to body. Insulation material made of weather and UV resistant glass fibre reinforced polymer. For installation no need any special tool, just a wrench and a kind of holder. The tightening bolt is insulated from the contact blades thus providing maximum safety for the installer even during live line installations.

- main-to-main or main-to-service (branch) connections for self-supporting conductor systems e.g. NFA2X
- main-to-main or main-to-service (branch) connections for the „Finnish conductor system” (it is composed of 3 insulated aluminium phase conductors and 1 neutral messenger of aluminium alloy without insulation. conductor systems) e.g. AXKA, SSZV (Hungarian standard).
- connections between a bare overhead line and an insulating service conductor (branch conection).
- connection between an overhead line and an underground cable.

Application per products:

EP35-13: is specifically designed for connecing a street lighting conductor from a LV ABC to a lamp wire. Application cross section main: 2,5…35 mm2, service (branch): 1,5…6 mm2. Two connecting blades („teeth”) are made of tinned copper.

EP95-13: it is used for connecting streetlighting lamps to a streetlighting wire or to a main wire. Of course it can be used for small cross section service cable connection e.g. from street to a house. Application cross section main: 16…95 mm2, service (branch): 1,5…10 mm2. Two connecting blades are made of tinned copper.

P2X95 Mk2: it is the typical branch connector, because the application range main: 16…95 mm2, service (branch): 4…35 mm2. Two connecting blades are made of alu alloy, but it can be used between copper and alu conductors due to the metallic blades imbedded in moulded plastic and surrounded with a sealing compound against moisture ingress.

P3X95 Mk2: it is the typical main-to-main connector. The extended cross section range on the branch side is capable for splicing main conductors in the air or making a branch connection between two main lines. Application range main: 25…95 mm2, main/branch: 25…95 mm2. Two connecting blades are made of tinned copper, applicable either on alu or copper conductors.

DZ6 UL-F: it is used for ground cable connection to an overhead line. It can be either a transformer connection to supply the overhead line network, or an underground cable service connection to a consumer. E.g. a typical 4x240 mm2 supply cable from the secondary side of a transformer is connected to a main overhead line 4x50…120 mm2. Application range fits to this application: main 120…240 mm2, branch: 25…150 mm2. Two connecting blades are made of tinned copper, applicable either on alu or copper conductors.

Further products to insulation piercing connector product family:

KZ2-150 2B and KZ2-150 2 Bp: it is a special insulation piercing connector, because on the branch side there is a sleeve with two bolts. It allows an independent disconnection of a consumer. This service branch connection can be piercing (designation „2Bp”) or strippable type (designation „2B”). Application range main: 25…150 mm2, branch: 2x6…35 mm2.

P2B100 U Mk2: is specifically designed to connect a LV bare line to a LV-ABC line by simultaneous action. On the main side there are two grooved contact plates instead of blades, avoiding the damage of bare conductor. On the branch side there are still contact blades („theeth”), because the branch wires are always insulated. Although P2X95 Mk2 also can be used for this kind of connection, but some utility do no prefer insulation piercing type connectors on bare overhead lines.

PA25x100: The clamp is designed to anchor insulated service lines with 2 or 4 conductors. The clamp is composed of a body, 2 wedges and removable and adjustable bail. Tool free installation with wedges sliding inside the body.

HEL-3591: it is designed to connect two parallel bare conductors. Conductors can be aluminium alloy or aluminium steel reinforced. It is applicable on medium voltage overhead lines too. Application cross section range: alu conductors: 16…120 mm2, ACSR: 16…95 mm2.

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