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Medium voltage terminations

POLT, IXSU-F, OXSU-F indoor and outdoor heat-shrinking cable terminations for 1-core or 3-core polymeric insulated cables 10, 20 and 35 kV

Raychem MV terminations POLT (=POLymeric Termination) and W-Europe version IXSU/OXSU-F consist a heat-shrinking red insulating tubings and the inner side of them is covered by ZnO-based stress control. This stress control system that is combined with adhesive material fills any irregularities, bonds to the insulation and provides superb electrical performance. This famous red Raychem tubings have got superior non-tracking characteristics, long-term erosion resistance, weather proof and UV withstand.

- excellent electrical stress control. The ZnO -as a varistor material- controls the electrical field in full length of the termination, that is the difference against refractive stress-control system
- big cross section range taking.
- one step shrinking technology. No need to shrink insulation tubings and stress control tubing in two steps.
- they are applicable either with pressing lugs or with mechanical lugs
- as the terminations have got flexible characteristics, they can applicable on rubber insulated cables in vibrating environment.

The outdoor version of these terminations differ from only in length and usage of heat-shrinking skirts, that extend creepage length.

3-core terminations: the cable is transformed to a quasi 3x1 core cable which allow crossing the cores even in confined connection spaces. The cores are covered with conductive tubing from the breakout area close to the screen end. The conductive breakout is sealed with an adhesive, which is installed over the cores and the end of the oversheath. They are applicable on wire or tape-shielded cables, for armoured cables solderless earthing kits can be ordered individually.

Application range: 1-core cables cross-section 1x10 mm2…1x1200 mm2, voltage 10(12) kV…35(42) kV. 3-core cables cross section 3x10 mm2…3x400 mm2, conductive tube length: 450 mm and 1200 mm, voltage 10(12) kV...35(42) kV.

The terminations can be ordered with BLMT mechanical lugs as well. They are marked in the name of the products with -ML.

MVTI, MVTO, CSTI, CSTO indoor and outdoor push-on elastomeric terminations with integrated stress control for screened, single core polymeric insulated cables with wire screen 10 kV, 20 kV and 35 kV

The termination body of MVTI and MVTO are made out of high quality silicone rubber that have excellent mechanical, hydrophobic, non-tracking and insulating properties. The stress control cone is integrated in the termination. These terminations do not include hold-out spiral, however due to the big elastomeric perfomance they have got big cross section range taking. They are orderable and applicable with or without mechanical lug due to the upper part of termination body assure excellent moisture sealing without any filling and sealing mastic. Umax=42 kV.

For installation no need any special tool. The kits include the lubricating grease for pushing-up technology. They can be installed where using flame is forbidden.

MVTI indoor version also has got creepage distance lengthening skirts similar to MVTO outdoor version, but the total length of MVTO is longer than MVTI. On 35 kV two terminations are plugged to each other to provide enough creepage length.

The silicone termination bodies of Raychem CSTI/CSTO are delivered in a pre-expanded condition on a spiral holdout system. Silicone materials with excellent mechanical properties allow high expansion forces and therefore guarantee a wide application range. Integrated stress control deflector and sealing mastic on the top end of the termination provide exceptional electrical performance. The spiral holdout can be easily removed from the termination body with low release forces, particularly designed for termination applications. Non-flammable, self-extinguishing.

CSTI indoor version also has got creepage distance lengthening skirts similar to CSTO outdoor version, but the total length of CSTO is longer than CSTI. Range-taking, BLMT mechanical lugs ensuring reliable installation and service can be supplied with the kit.

Application range:
MVTI/MVTO: voltage 10(12) kV…35(42) kV, cross section 1 x 25 mm2…1 x 400 mm2. Orderable with or without BLMT lugs.
CSTI/CSTO: voltage 10(12) kV…35(42) kV, cross section 1 x 25 mm2…1 x 1000 mm2-ig. Orderable with or without BLMT lugs.

These Raychem elastomeric terminations are the successor of previous TFTI/TFTO family.

Insulated (T) adapter termination system for SF6-insulated switchgear up to 24 kV RICS, RCAB, RSRB

Medium voltage switchgears insulated with SF6 gas have got special bushings, so special shape terminations must be used for electric connection, that provide an insulation enhancement for the conneting lug.

The RICS insulated adapter system provides perfect sealing, electrical insulation and an electrical connection between Raychem terminations and gas-insulated switchgear up to 24 kV. It is designed to fit bushing profiles according to EN 50181 type C (630 A). The insulating adapters are compatible with all heat-shrink Raychem terminations.

RICS sets do not include electrical stress control, that’s why a cable termination (e.g. POLT) and lugs (e.g. BLMT or a crimping lug) are necessary for a cable connection. Applicable range of RICS family voltage 10 (12)…20(24) kV, cross section 25…300 mm2. They can be installed on an exisiting cable termination in an air-insulated switchgear, or on a 3-core cable termination (POLT-…/3X) or even on an oil-paper insulated cable termination (e.g. GUST, EPKT, IDST).

RICS family have a double connection („twin”) version and special version for RDA indoor surge arresters.

Similar insulation enhancement system is the RCAB. They are elastomeric version, 10 kV version can have straight or elbow shape version, the 20 kV version can be only straight connection. The wall thickness is less than RICS. RCAB must be pulled up onto the cable termination and onto the cable lug.

Heat-shrinking version of RCAB is the RSRB family. They can be available in straight and elbow version Umax= 17,5 kV. The typical application of them is at motor connection.

RSTI - Screened, separable T-connection system for gas-insulated switchgears with bushings according to EN 50181 type C1 (630 A) and C2 (1250 A), 10(12) kV, 20(24) kV and 35(42) kV

Raychem RSTI (Raychem Screened T IEC) screened separable T-connection system is designed to connect single-core or three-core (with installed trifurcation kit) polymeric insulated cables to gas-insulated switchgear with bushings type C1 (630 A) or C2 (1250 A) in accordance with EN 50181, specified up to 42 kV.

It is an all-in-one T connector system, because it includes the conductive material covered T shape connector, geometrical electric stress control cone, and the connecting lug with shear head bolt. So an additional cable termination is not needed.

- The insulating T body is made of flexible silicone rubber (not EPDM). It follows the shape of the medium voltage cable, so there won’t be air gap between the cable and the stress cone adapter.
- Silicon rubber has got flame retardant feature, so in case of electric arc it may protec the switchgear unit from burning out.
- Due to flexible characteristics of silicone rubber, all sets have big cross section range taking.
- There is a Faraday cage surrounding the cable lug and the geometrical stress cone adapter provide together a perfect electrical stress control and homogeneous electrical field.
- Kits include special BLMC mechanical lug with shear head bolt, so no need to use a pressing tool. The rated current of these lugs are 800 A, so in case of twin connection the current can be up to 1250 A
- The surface of the T connectors are covered by conductive material, so the distance between two phases or the distance between a phase and the earth can be reduced. Therefore the T connectors must be earthed and they are touchable.
- For the installation no need to use special heat-shrink tool, the silicone grease for cold-applied technology is part of sets.

Application range voltage: 10(12), 20(24) - RSTI-5xxx and 35(42) kV - RSTI-6xxx. Cross section: 35…300 mm2. The large cross section sets are marked with „9” in the second position in the name. Cross section range of RSTI-59xx or RSTI-69xx: 400…800 mm2.

There are double („twin connector”) sets: RSTI-CC-5xxx and RSTI-CC-6xxx. The number of paralel connected RSTI sets are limited by the current of the coupling connector (1250 A) and the physical dimension of the switchgear unit.

To all RSTI can be connected In= 5 or 10 kA surge arrester as a double connector unit. They have shielded housing as well. RSTI-CC-68SAxxxx.

RSES, RSSS - Screened, separable elbow and straight connection system for gas insulated switchgears and transformers with bushings according to EN 50181 type A (250 A) 10(12) kV and 20(24) kV

The thick walled separable connection system with an integrated stress control („external funnel shape”) provides sealing and electrical connection to the cone of the bushing and the cable. Made of crosslinked EPDM and protected with a minimum 3 mm moulded conductive shield connected to the earth, the connection system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. The special design and material selection of the connection system allow its use on a wide range of cable dimensions. With only 3 sizes of the housing the full application range can be covered. The difference is just in the cross section of the crimping lug.

The previous generation of RSES-52xx, RSSS-52xx include high strength bimetallic DIN-compression connectors tested to VDE 0220 are supplied within the kit to connect both aluminium and copper conductor cables. To provide a reliable environmental seal between the connection system and the oversheath a cold-applied Rayvolve tubing (-R version) or a heat-shrinkable phase marking tubing (-P version) is offered.

Application range of RSES-52xx, RSSS-52xx family: voltage 10(12) kV…20(24) kV, cross section 25…120 mm2. For the installation no need to use heat-shrinking special tool, the silicone grease for cold-applied (pull up) technology is the part of sets.

The new generation of Raychem elbow and straight connectors are RSES-5251, -5252, RSSS-5251, -5252. They are designed for bushing A type (250 A) according to standard EN 50180/EN 50181, voltage 10(12) and 20(24) kV. The difference between the previous and new generation of RSES/RSSS is that the new family is equipped by mechanical lug with shear head bolt. The house of adaptors are made of EPDM, the material of pull-up geometrical stress cone is silicone.

- Due to elastomeric performance of terminations body and the usage of mechanical lug, the whole medium voltage application range can be covered with 2 size of the product. Application range voltage 24 kV, cross section 16…150 mm2-ig.
- The surface of the adaptors are covered by conductive material, so the distance between two phases or the distance between a phase and the earth can be reduced. Therefore the RSES, RSSS connectors must be earthed and they are touchable.
- Application range is extended to 150 mm2.
- Products with voltage detector point is available (designated with -VD)
- Due to shape and material of housing the adaptors an additional sealing like MWTM or Rayvolve are not needed, even in outdoor application.
- For the installation no need to use special heat-shrink tool, the silicone grease for cold-applied technology is part of sets. After cable preparation, the silicone stress cone and the connector body can be pulled up after each other onto the cable.

RPIT plug-in straight connectors for switchgears or transformers with inner-cone bushing up to 52 kV, Size 2, Size 3

Raychem Plug-In Terminations (RPIT) separable connectors are designed for both aluminum or copper conductors. They are compatible with inner cone bushings size 2 (800 A) and size 3 (1250 A) according to EN 50180/EN 50181. RPIT product series are available for system voltages from 12 kV up to 52 kV for any type of cable and are compliant with CENELEC HD 629.1.S2:2006- A1:2008 (up to 42 kV) and IEC 60840 (52 kV). In addition, RPIT terminations can be customized with an optional voltage detection point.

Size 2 800 A: 10(12)…36(42) kV. Cross section: 50…400 mm2.
Size 3 1250 A 10(12)…36(42) kV. Cross section: 50…630 mm2.

The inner cone termination incorporates a high-quality contact system which ensures reliable current transmission from the cable conductor to the busbar. The electrical interfaces between the silicone stress relief cone to the cable and the bushing are kept permanently sealed using a pressure component. This element is housed in the protection cover, which is sealed with heat-shrinkable tubing.

For installation a special tool is needed, especially for pulling up the silicone stress control adaptor and the notched contact ring. This special tool is orderable from TE Connectivity, but similar function tool by another manufacturer also applicable at the installation of RPIT.

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