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Constant wattage heating cables

The T2Blue is a flexible underfloor heating cable is the first choice for complex ground plans in renovation. T2Blue can be installed on all conventional and stable substructures. The heating cable is embedded in the levelling compound, screed or concrete, with the floor covering on top.
T2Blue is available in two power outputs:
T2Blue R-BL-A 10 W/m is used for standard floor constructions, and T2Blue R-BL-C 20 W/m is the preferred solution in areas where higher power is required.

The T2Blue underfloor heating cable is suitable for installation directly in a levelling compound, screed, or concrete. Heating cable with pre-fabricated power cable. I deal for complex floor layouts. Power output flexibility by varying the distance between heating cables. Suitable for laying in milled grooves in the screed/concrete without increasing the total height of the floor structure.

Raychem / T2Blue R-BL-A and R-BL-C

Heating power: 10 W/m (R-BL-A) and 20 W/m (R-BL-C)
Voltage: 230 V AC
Rated maximum temperature: +65°C
Heating cable external diameter: ~5,5 mm
Length of connecting cable: 1 x 2,5m    
Approvals: CE, VDE

R-BL-A underfloor heating cable is available in the sizes given below:

R-BL-A-20M       200 W
R-BL-A-30M       305 W
R-BL-A-40M       400 W
R-BL-A-50M       505 W
R-BL-A-60M       605 W
R-BL-A-70M       700 W
R-BL-A-80M       805 W
R-BL-A-90M       890 W
R-BL-A-101M     1010 W
R-BL-A-121M     1215 W
R-BL-A-142M     1420 W
R-BL-A-160M     1600 W
R-BL-A-180M     1800 W
R-BL-A-200M     2000 W

R-BL-C underfloor heating cable is available in the sizes given below:

R-BL-C-11M       205 W
R-BL-C-14M       285 W
R-BL-C-18M       355 W
R-BL-C-21M       435 W
R-BL-C-28M       575 W
R-BL-C-35M       720 W
R-BL-C-43M       845 W
R-BL-C-50M       980 W
R-BL-C-57M       1130 W
R-BL-C-63M       1270 W
R-BL-C-71M       1435 W
R-BL-C-86M       1710 W
R-BL-C-101M     2015 W
R-BL-C-115M     2300 W


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