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Low voltage shear head bolted connectors and V-clamps up to 1 kV

Low voltage mechanical connectors with shear head bolt. Hellstern (HEL) and Simel BSLU/BSLB families (the charcter „L” at the third position refers to low voltage application)

- application range: 4 mm2…240 mm2. (the smallest connectors with cross sections 1,5 mm2…6 mm2 are not shear head bolted types).
- this application range can be covered with only 3 sizes of the sleeve.
- the smallest connector is made by copper, the others are made by aluminium. They are orderable with or without blocking wall, with tinned or not tinned surface. At HEL series in the designation character „T” shows blocked version („trennstege”), at BSL series character „B” refers to the blind hole version.
- BSLU/BSLB series have got sector shape hole inside, that fits on the typical low voltage cable core form. The inside of connectors are grooved.
- they have got compact design. This shorter length provides a shorther heat shrinking tubes in low voltage joints.
- shear head bolts of BSLU/BSLB series are weakened at two places, it provides a big cross section range take with an optimal shearing of the screw.
- fulfills standards IEC 61238-1 class A and DIN-47640.

Special low voltage connectors are the V-clamps. They are for easy connection to a busbar in a low voltage distribution cabinet.
The typical low voltage range can be covered by only two sizes(HEL-4836, HEL-4835).
For them insulation cap can be orderable.
There are special type of V-Clamps, which have revolving contact plate, therefore they have two cross section application range. Furthermore there are V-Clamps for twin conductor connection.

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