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Power cable accessories

TE Connectivity Raychem cable accessories in different technologies

TE Energy offers a comprehensive range of Raychem cable accessories for nearly all cable types up to 245 kV high voltage applications. Designed to withstand environmental extremes and high pollution levels over long operating lifetimes, our products maintain service reliability in both overhead and underground installations.

The product line includes indoor and outdoor terminations, inline, branch and transition joints as well as universal insulation, sealing and repair systems for use in the cable networks. Tailored for the applications we offer different technologies such as heat-shrink, push-on, pre-expanded, resins and gels.

Based on our experience in the materials and design of cable accessories we can provide a product, which can be easily installed and is perfectly adapted to the application in local cable technologies, network systems and installation processes.

Heat-shrink technology

Heat-shrinkable products are supplied in the expanded form to a customer in a kit together with all other components needed for successful installation of the cable accessory. Due to the big shrinking ratio they have got wide cross section range taking. It results an economical storage cost furthermore they can be stored with unlimited shelf life. During an installation the tubing shrinks down to a cable construction underneath and builds up a high pressure resulting in very good sealing and excellent electrical behavior. TE cross-linked materials show mechanical and chemical resistance as well as exceptional electrical and weathering and ageing performance.

All medium voltage heat-shrinking cable accessory contain a kind of electrical stress control part. They can be a stress grading S1189 yellow void filler tape, SCTM or JSCR stress control tubing, S1300 black patch or a ZnO varistor layer inside an insulating tube or whatever.

Raychem accessories provide a universal system of indoor and outdoor terminations for paper or polymeric insulated cables, for single or three core cables, for cables with round or sector shaped conductors and most types of screening or armouring. The termination's materials possess exceptional resistance to prolonged electrical stress and weathering, but are also capable of being shrunk down quickly to fit and seal a cable. They be ordered with or without mechanical lug with shear head bolt.

In a Raychem medium voltage joint the metallic cable core connection is covered and the cable core insulation is restored by a tripple layer insulating-screening tube. This Rayfit tubing provide a proper transition between the insulation and the shielding of the cable. The medium voltage joints can be ordered with or without mechanical connector with shear head bolt.

Installation of heat-shrinking products

No special tools are required for the cable preparation. The Raychem accessories can be put into operation immediately after their installation. The cable accessory is supplied in a kit with all necessary components including installation instruction in a local language. The parts are delivered with pre-expanded size, they can be put and positioned onto the prepared cable easily. They shrink when sufficiently heated (by propane gas torch or by electric heating gun), and firmly enclose the cable and protect it against moisture, while the adhesive melts and fills all grooves and voids. Raychem heat-shrink cable accessories are constructed in a similar way to the cables themselves and can be bent in narrow spaces. Terminations are designed for simple upside-down installations by turning the heat-shrinkable skirts.

Elastomeric cable accessories: push-on and cold-shrink products:

TE Connectivity Raychem has developed a new product family beside to the traditional heat-shrink family. They are the cold applied products. They are able to be used where using flame during the installation is forbidden, or there is narrow space at splicing or at the end of cables.

They are made of a cross-linked, highly flexible silicone body, which ensures easy and tool-free installation. Raychem products are designed to ensure no slippage from the cable during the all operation conditions. The accessories have exceptional electrical and weathering performance and they are resistant to UV-light, contamination, tracking and erosion. The technology and materials come from high-voltage products, they include integrated electrical stress control part.

Push-on terminations are stored and supplied unexpanded. The accessory body is pushed onto the prepared cable up to the correct position and builds up a high pressure for a reliable sealing, stable positioning and of course excellent electrical behavior after the installation. They have got big cross-section range taking. Raychem push-on cable accessories have the unlimited shelf life and do not required any special tools for their installation, which should be performed at ambient temperature above 0 °C.

Cold-shrink terminations are based on pre-expanded technology, which is similar to the push-on technology with the difference that the elastomeric body is pre-expanded on a holdout. Due to the required higher expansion rates more flexible materials with high tear resistance are needed. The holdout spiral can be easily removed from termination body, so the installation is easy and not need big forces. Raychem pre-expanded cable accessories have a shelf life of 24 months after manufacturing, because of tensioned position of termination body.

Both terminations are available up to 42 kV, and due the excellent moisture sealing they can be used either with mechanical or crimping lug for outdoor applications. Either indoor or outdoor terminations contain creepage length extender sheds.

Raychem CSJA cold-shrink joints are a really „all-in-one” joints, it means that key components (joint body, the copper shielding braid and outer tubing) are pre-expanded on one spiral holdout, which results in a very short parking length during cable preparation and offers a fast and easy-to-install system. The conductors are connected by a BSM mechanical connector that is supplied with the joint.

Electrical stress control over the screen cut area is provided by conductive cones integrated in the silicone joint body with an exactly defined geometrical design. The electrical stress control of the connector area is made with an integrated conductive shield performing as a Faraday cage. Conductive screening over the insulation is the part of the joint body as well.

The silicone rubber joint body shrinks onto the insulation upon removal of the spiral holdout. Outer side of silicon body there is a copper braid, this solderless earth connection connects the metallic shield of the connected cables. The flipped backs of the pre-installed outer tubing are rolled out on the cablejacket wrapped up with the mastic. The outer tubing builds up a reliable moisture seal and corrosion protection.

For installation no need any special tool. The kits include the lubricating grease. They can be installed where using flame is forbidden. The spiral holdout can be easily removed from the joint body with low release force.

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