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Self-regulating heating cables

The T2Red self-regulating system senses other heat sources such as solar radiation, electrical appliances and lighting and it automatically adjusts its heat output accordingly. More heat is produced in colder areas – such as near windows or doors – and less heat is produced in warmer areas – such as under rugs and furniture. There is no risk of overheating which gives unlimited flexibility for moving furniture around. It can be installed on all subfloors (plastic, concrete, wood) -in dry or wet areas- and it can be easily adapted to all room sizes and shapes.

Many years ago, Raychem developed self-regulating heating cables. They automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature changes. The outer jacket, braid and inner jacketprovide mechanical, chemical andelectrical protection... but the magic happens in the conductive core. The conductive core is extruded over the two, parallel conductors. As the ambient temperature drops, the core contracts microscopically and the number of electrical paths through the core increases. More heat is produced. Conversely, as the ambient temperature rises, the core expands and has fewer electrical paths. Less heat is produced. A self-regulating heating cable adjusts its power output along its entire length. That’s what makes it a safe and reliable solution for many applications.

Leading manufacturers of wooden flooring have now certified Raychem’s T2Reflecta self-regulating electric underfloor heating system as suitable for use under wooden floor coverings. The Raychem system offers a reliable and durable solution, especially for parquet and laminate floors which expand and contract depending on the humidity and temperature. After the system is switched on, the T2Red heating cable heats up slowly to ensure that the wooden floor is not damaged by abrupt temperature changes. Once the desired operating temperature is reached, the system provides a uniform heat distribution across the entire floor. Prior to the certification, leading manufacturers of wooden flooring throughout Europe extensively tested the T2Reflecta system, and it has been proven that the system can be used under wooden floor coverings without concern.

Raychem / T2Red U-RD-B

Power output: 5-15 W/m (depending on the cable spacing/floor construction and covering)
Voltage: 230 V AC
Max. exposure temperature: +65°C
Max. dimensions: 8,7 mm x 6,0 mm
Max. heating cable circuit length: 100 m / 20 A
Approvals: CE, VDE


U-RD-ACC-CE (CE-T2)  heat-shrink connection and end seal kit.
U-ACC-PP-07 cold lead connection and end seal kit.
U-RD-ACC-SP in-line splicel kit.
NRG-DM Intuitive electronic thermostat with flexible weekly schedule and 1.8" display. Easy to use and to program.

T2Red with T2Reflecta / The energy-saving underfloor heating system

This system combines the selfregulating T2Red heating cable with T2Reflecta, the pre-grooved, thermally insulated, aluminium-covered plate. It provides extra energy savings of 20% or more. (it even achieves energy savings up to 65% during the heat-up phase) The thermal insulation and aluminium plates reduce heat losses and provide an even heat distribution. The T2Red with T2Reflecta system is the first choice for wooden or laminate floors and is recommended by many wood flooring manufacturers. It can be adapted to all room sizes and can be installed on most subfloors.

Raychem / T2Reflecta

Materials: Alu (0,5 mm thickness/ & EPS (12,5 mm)
Plate dimensions: 720 mm x 400 mm x 13 mm
End plate dimensions: 100 mm x 400 mm x 12,5mm(no alu)
Fire classification: DIN 4102-B1
U-value: 2,33 W/m2K
Thermal conductivity: 0,033 W (mK)
Long term pressure capability: 140 kPa (14000 kg/m2)                              


T2REFLECTA A-FIX cement-based adhesive to fix the plates on the subfloor
T2REFLECTA P-Fix primer for the aluminium layer of the T2Reflecta plates to apply standard natural stone or tile adhesive (Any flexible tile adhesive or natural stone adhesive can be used)

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