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Floor heating

Comfort is everything, especially inthe home. With Raychem’s smart electrical underfloor heating, you can offer a beautiful warm floor, hassle free, to your customers!

Electric underfloor heating is installed close to the floor surface resulting in a quick warm-up of the room. Thanks to the uniform heat distribution across the floor, it is possible to set the thermostat 2 degrees lower than usual, without any loss of comfort or warmth.

It is an excellent system to provide complete room heating or to compliment the existing heating system. During spring or autumn, you can turn off the conventional heating, and keep your floors warm, comfortable, and cozy. The dog will confirm this!

Electrical underfloor heating causes less air movement, hence less dust. Another advantage can be found in the bathroom or wet rooms. Wet floors will dry much faster, rugs in the bathroom will as well and there will be less risk of mildew or mites. A dry floor is also easier to keep clean as the dust doesn’t “stick” to the floor.

Household appliances and home electronics can produce electro-magnetic fields. Raychem products emit the lowest possible electro-magnetic fields thanks to the twin wire construction.

Every Raychem system can be combined with an insulation layer to obtain significant energy savings by shortening the heat-up time to reach the desired temperature. An insulation board also improves the insulation for insufficiently insulated subfloors and will lead to cost savings during the operation of an electric underfloor heating system.

Raychem systems can be fitted directly on the existing floor (wood, plaster, concrete). Avoiding unnecessary dust, dirt or noise!
The T2QuickNet mat solution are, only 3 mm thick, so floor height gain is not a problem.
Even the self-regulating system T2Red and T2Reflecta is a mere 13 mm thick.

Our offered product range include the Raychem T2Red, T2Reflecta self-regulating and T2Blue, T2QuickNet constant wattage heating cable and mat product lines, with complete accessory systems. Our various systems can be installed under all floor coverings like tiles, marble, wood, laminate or carpet.

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