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Raychem is the leading provider of electrical heat tracing solutions for all commercial and industrial uses. The following is a synopsis of an exciting company whose self-regulating technology made us the pioneer in the industry and whose innovations allow us to continue offering the best in heat tracing and control and monitoring products.

In 1969, Raychem Corporation acquired Chemelex. The match proved ideal. Raychem was already a word leader in polymer science technology, with an impressive product portfolio that included high temperature wire for jet aircraft, and heat-shrinkable polymers for electric insulation. Now, a patented Chemelex technology allowed construction of a cut-to-length heater based on conductive ski wax.

In 1971, Raychem's Chemelex Division introduced the world's first self-regulating heater, offering far greater reliability than any previous electric heaters. For the next decade and beyond, the company continued its expansion of the self-regulating heat tracing products. By 1980, the self-regulating heater had become the industry standard world-wide, and Chemelex it's leading manufacturer.

Raychem is now a division of Pentair Thermal Management - a diverse leader in the global industrial marketplace. This new relationship arms us with even greater world-class technical and manufacturing resources, which we now employ to provide even more products and services.

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