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Low voltage joints

Raychem low voltage heat-shrink in-line joints for polymeric insulated cables

The 1 kV LJSM and POLJ-01 joint families consist of four or five mechanical shear bolt connectors and relevant quantity of inner and the one outer heat-shrinkable tubing. The connectors are insulated and sealed by thick-wall tubing which is pre-coated with a hot-melt adhesive. The outer protection and sealing is performed by thick-wall heat-shrinkable tubing. All joints are designed to allow crossing of cable cores.

They are applicable for cables either with alu- or copper conductors, because the tinned connectors have separation wall and include contact grease. The application range is between1,5 mm2…240 mm2.

 EPKJ-0…, SMOE-815xx low voltage joints are without connector, they are applicable with crimping sleeves. There 1 kV joints for 5-core cables or armoured/tape shielded cables as well.

TE Connectivity resin filled low voltage in-line joints

The BV-0, BV-1, BV-2 joint family consist of a shock-resistant, transparent polycarbonate snap-to-close design housing and integrated polymer foams for sealing. The robust housing is easy and quickly to assemble, cutting to the cable diameter is not needed. They are delivered in 3 sizes, with 2 types of resin with or withous KS connector block. The max. application range is 4x25 mm2.

TE Connectivity resin filled low voltage Y branch joints

The house of BAV-2U-…family is similar to the in-line version (BV). They have a shock-resistant, transparent polycarbonate snap-to-close design housing and integrated polymer foams for sealing. They are orderable in 1 size with 2 types of resin, with KK2/4 or KK2/5 compact connector unit or individual MC25/MC25U-I mantle terminal or without connector at all. The max. application range is 4(5)x25 mm2.

TE Connectivity resin filled low voltage branch joints

The joints consist of impact-resistant, transparent polypropylene snap-to-close design (MM-5, MM-7) or impact-resistant, transparent polycarbonate snap-to-close design (BAV-C7) housings and polymer foams for sealing. The housings are easy and quick to assemble, no adjustment to the cable diameter needed. Joints are available with or without compact HEL ring connectors. The filler material can be Guroflex, Rapid 4300, Rapid 3010 resins, they are delivered in metal cans (C version) or in double-chamber bag (D version).

Using HEL compact ring connector a branch connection can be established under voltage, without cutting the main line.

The application range of MM-5 joint is max. 4x150 mm2/4x70 mm2.
The application range of MM-7 joint is max. 4x240 mm2/4x70 mm2 or 4x150 mm2/4x150 mm2.
The application range of BAV-C7 joint is max. 4x240 mm2/4x150 mm2.
In case of a demand 4x240 mm2/4x240 mm2 -branch connection, the PXU-BU family with big housing is recommended.

GUROFLEX - two-component environmental friendly filler material

GUROFLEX is an environmental friendly, easy to handle, two-component, cold casting material based on hydrocarbon resins. GUROFLEX can be used for all self-supporting underground cable joint systems up to 1kV. GUROFLEX is suitable for XLPE, PE, PVC and paper insulated cables. GUROFLEX has excellent insulating properties, is hydrophobic and gives excellent corrosion protection. GUROFLEX filler can be handled without any special safety precautions and allows installation at low temperatures. It is not carcinogen. Its green colour shows the environmental property.

Storage temperature: from -20°C (frost resistant) up to +40°C. Min. installation temperature: –10°C. During the casting or cross-linking time, heat is not generating, or the moisture does not generate bubbles. No ‘topping-up’ is needed and the equipment can be energized immediately after filling.

The resins in different volume are available either in double chamber bags (GD) or in metal cans (GC). GUROFLEX is a filler as well as insulating component of the BV, BAV-2U, MM-5, MM-7, PXE-GD Raychem families, but it can be used as a casting material for any connection box. There are special GUROFLEX filler material for medium voltage applications.

Besides GUROFLEX products, there are other hard resin materials in the TE Connectitvity-Raychem-Guro family. They are the polyurethan based Rapid 3010 and Rapid 4300 resins.

Pre-insulated connectors and terminals type DuraSeal

The D-406 connectors consist of a crimp sleeve and a pre-installed adhesive coated heat shrinkable tubing. The B-106 terminal consists of a crimping lug and a pre-installed adhesive coated heat shrinkable tubing. The application range is 0,5 mm2… 6 mm2, they are marked with different colour.

After pressing the connector with a suitable crimping tool, it must be heated the crimped connection area with a hot air tool until the tubing recovers and the adhesive flows.

There are same D-406 splicers in the SMOE-814xx signal cable low voltage joints with further earthing material for armour and some addtional material for mechanical protection and sealing against moisture ingress.

Raygel Plus PowerGel filled in-line and branch joints for polymeric insulated 1 kV cables

Raychem PowerGel is especially developed for electrical applications from -40 °C to +90 °C continuous temperature. PowerGel consists of silicone oil embedded in a cross-linked silicone matrix, which combines the advantages of solid (elastic memory) and liquid (wetting and confirming to a surface) sealing materials.

The housing of supplied accessory is filled with the gel already from a factory. The cable connection area is positioned in the middle of the opened joint housing and slightly pressed into the gel together with appropriate connectors. The installation is completed by closing of the housing. The installed accessory can be put immediately into the service.

Raychem PowerGel have excellent insulation properties, thermal and UV stability also halogen-freeness are features, unlimited shelf life, the excellent dielectric properties and the extremely high elongation and elasticity. Raychem accessories using PowerGel are suitable for polymeric cables in indoor or outdoor applications with possibility of underground, direct buried or immersion in water (e.g. waterpool). It has got IP68 degree.

Application range: 2-3x1,5 mm2…3-5x16 mm2. For larger cross sections 4(5)x16…25(35) mm2 the Gelbox 25 joints is applicable.

RayGelPlus is the advanced version of former RayGel joints, it can be used not just as an in-line connection, but using as a branch joint, due the shape of its housing and the included compact branch connector unit. (depending the type of product)

The RayGelPlus 0, 1, 1.5 don’t include connector. The connection between the cables and wires can be established by small connectors (e.g. Wago), considering the dimension of the housing.

The RayGelPlus 1.5 D also do not include connector, but a there is a plastic wall in the house, so a 4-core (2,5…16 mm2) cables connection can be made very easily with a crimping sleeve, without using an additional connector insulation.

The RayGelPlus 2,3 include a 5-core compact connector unit. It provides an in-line or branch connection without cutting the main line of the cable (just removing the core insulation). A kötések műanyag házát a PowerGel nevű szilikon tartalmu térhálósított mátrix tölti ki. Nem veszélyes anyagnak minősülő kétkomponensű műgyanta vagy korrozív, ecetsavas sziloplaszt.

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