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Bolted (mechanical) connectors/sleeves and lugs

Low- and medium voltage mechanical lugs and connectors

TE Connectivity and the former Tyco Electronics bought company Hellstern Germany and AMP Simel France, these aquivisition positioned TE Connectivity to be a leader at developing low-, -medium and high voltage cable accessories together with mechanical connectors. The aim was that various cables with different cross section, core shape and metal type are able to be connected to each other without crimping tool, even on site at a cable troubleshooting.


- big cross section range taking.
- sector or round shape, stranded or solid type of cable cores This almost perfect surface is ideal for heat-shrinking tubings.can be connected with same sleeve.
- blocked type of mechanical connector is delivered with contact grease and made of alu alloy. Therefore they can connect copper and alu cables with each other.
- bolted lugs also have this bimetallic characteristics, so they be applicable either on alu or copper conductors or even an alu cable can be instaled onto a copper busbars. No need to use additional „Cupal” plate.
- inside of lugs and sleeves are grooved to have lower electrical contact resistance.
- mechanical connectors and lugs have shear head bolt with exact torque limitation.It results a perfect pressure force between the cable core and the body of sleeve or lug by the bolt, while the head of the screew is sheared on the right position. This almost perfect surface is ideal for heat-shrinking tubings.
- for installation no need to use pressing tool just a wrench. Of course electric box wrench drivers can be used for installation.

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