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Eltrace is a French company, French and European leader. The quality of our products is recognized by independent laboratories.

ELTRACE was established more than 24 years ago in May 1993 by Alain BRESOLIN. The idea was to push on the market a complete offer for protection against freezing pipes and temperature maintenance in the construction market and in the Industry.

At the begining, orders was almost 50 kilometers of cable in the first two years.

In 1995 ELTRACE with a Swiss partner, develops ultra quick connector for self-regulating heating cables: Domoclick fast connector.

ELTRACE creates his own installation team : over 10 kilometers of cables for Renault TechnoCore. These cables are today still fully operational.

In 1998, we developed an ultra thin heating cable, a concentrate of nanotechnology as well suited for the industrial market.

From the 2000s, ELTRACE continues its commercial development on export markets: the creation of a Russian subsidiary in 2004, a joint venture in the UK in 2006 and signing of exclusive agreements in the Chinese market in 2010.

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