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Working under tension

Haupa tools and cable connecting technology for the electrical industry / Working under tension safety tools

  • Working under tension safety tools / screwdrivers, 2-component screwdriver with PZ slot profile, 2-component VDE electricians’ screwdrivers, 2-component VDE cross slotted screwdrivers Phillips, 2-component VDE cross slotted screwdrivers Pozidriv, socket wrenches, 1000 V replaceable blade system (Vario, VarioPro, ElectroCombo), Dynamometric screwdriver with replaceable blades (VarioTQ), Combination pliers, Side cutters, Heavy duty side cutters, Long chain nose pliers, Short flat nose pliers, Water pump pliers, Cable cutters, Fully insulating 1000 V PVC flat nose pliers, Tool case (Real), VDE pliers, coating-insulated 1000 V, Cable sheath strippers, Cable sheath cutter, Cable knife, T-Handle socket wrenches, Cross type socket wrenches, T-handle allen keys, Single ended spanners, Ring spanners, Ratchet ring spanners, Adjustable wrenches, Reversible ratchets, Counter holder, Plastic wedges, Insulated tweezers, 
  • Tool cases / Nylonbags, Backpacks, Belts and jackets, Service bags, Tool sets, Tool case, Leather tool cases, Tool cases with tools, Tool cases with 1000 V tools, Hard-top tool cases, Network service case, 
  • Voltage testers / Voltage tester “Profi LCDplus II”, “Profi LEDplus II”, “Basic +”, digital miniature clamp transducer “Multi Clamp II”, “Multi Check II” - digital high-capacity multimeter, Circuit tester “Control”, Voltage tester “TestPen Profi”
  • Personal protection equipment / Bicolour insulating gloves according to DIN EN 60903, Cotton gloves for putting underneath, Safety fuse grips, Electricians‘ protection helmets, Electricians protection visor, Electrician-safety face mask, Safety glasses, Ear defenders, Climping irons, Safety belts, Travelling safety device, Safety harness, Fallstop, Insulating floor mats, Rubber towels, Plastic clips, Slip on bushes, Insulator cover for gable insulators, NH-protecting caps, Insulator cover for gable insulators, Sealing pliers, Lead seals, Plastic seals, Seal wire, Parallel rope tension clamps, Tackle blocks 

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