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Constant wattage heating cables

The GuttaCABLE system is conceived to prevent frost formation or snow in gutters. GuttaCABLE avoids bursting of gutter’s descents, as well as possible seepage caused by cold.

Its plug and integrated thermostat allows an easy installation and use, and in total safety.

Cables power of 30w/m guarantee you the necessary power to avoid snow or ice formation. When it’s cold, thermostat set in motion the cable. And when it’s warm, the thermostat avoid the cable to be set in motion uselessly and to waste energy.

Cable is made of Thermoplastic with a mechanic braid protection and of earth connexion, as well as a resistant protection overjacket UV (UV rays).

Nominal power output: 30W/m
Nominal voltage: 230 Volt
Exterior diameter: approx. 8.20 mm
Smallest bending radius: 45 mm
Resistance tolerance: -5% / +10%
Nominal limit temperature: 90 °C (max)
Cold lead connexion cable: 1 x 4.00 m
Minimum temperature for laying: 5°C
Temperature regulator 16A: +5°C on / +15°C off
Protection: IPX7

GuttaCable gutter heating cable is available in the sizes given below:

GUTTACABLE-4    4 m    120 W
GUTTACABLE-5    5 m    151 W
GUTTACABLE-6    6 m    196 W
GUTTACABLE-10  10 m  293 W
GUTTACABLE-12  12 m  367 W
GUTTACABLE-14  14 m  419 W
GUTTACABLE-16  16 m  471 W
GUTTACABLE-20  20 m  627 W
GUTTACABLE-23  23 m  700 W
GUTTACABLE-30  30 m  919 W
GUTTACABLE-35  35 m  1103 W
GUTTACABLE-41  41 m  1265 W
GUTTACABLE-49  49 m  1440 W
GUTTACABLE-55  55 m  1719 W
GUTTACABLE-70  70 m  2062 W

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