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Electric Traced Tubing

DEKORON®/Unitherm™ Self-Regulating Electric Traced Tubing is a thermally insulated fluid transport line for use in applications requiring freeze protection or condensation prevention. The energy-efficient design provides a temperature maintenance of up to 250ºF (121ºC). Available in 120/240 VAC. Bundles in this Series are FM Approved & The Self-Regulating Heating Element is approved by CSA & ATEX.

Each line is comprised of the following elements:

  • Process tube(s)
  • Low temperature, self-regulating heating element with tinned copper braid
  • Heat-reflecting foil wrap
  • Moisture-resistant, non-wicking, inorganic fibrous glass thermal insulation
  • Choice of weather protective jacket

Additional features:

  • Pre-insulated and pre-fabricated for installation costs up to 40% lower than field fabrication.
  • Pre-engineered for reduced design cost and predictable operational characteristics
  • Bundles can contain integral power and signal wires that are pre-approved for use in hazardous locations.
  • Bundles are lightweight and easy to bend
  • Smaller OD than field fabricated lines means better use of mounting space.
  • Maintenance-free – no open seams, no gaps in insulation.
  • Consistent and predictable thermal characteristics


  • Process Analyzers
  • Stack Gas sampling
  • Gas transport lines
  • Liquid transport lines
  • Analyzer and instrument lines
  • Small diameter process lines
  • Impulse lines – D/P cells

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