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Cable connection

Haupa tools and cable connecting technology for the electrical industry / Around the cable

  • Cable pulling device and decoiler, CableGo / Perlon fish tapes, Steel fish tapes, Spiral fish tapes, Fibreglas section fish rods kits, Cable pulling device HAUPA PullTec, Cable pulling device, accessories, Cable pulling device HAUPA-FIBRE, Cable pulling device FOX, Cable pulling device SIX, Cable pulling device STRONG, Cable pulling device POWER, Cable pulling device KING, Cable grips, Cable unwinder, Decoiler, CableGo cable pulling device technology
  • Connecting clamps, end sleeves, crimp terminals, connectors, lugs / Transparent connecting clamps 2-8 pin, insulated and uninsulated end sleevs, Twin-end sleeves, insulated crimp terminals, Ring terminals, Fork terminals, Socket sleeves, Butt connectors, Parallel connectors, Round pins, Round terminals, Round sleeves, Rapid connectors, Shrinkable connectors, Welded shrink connectors, Cable lugs and connectors, Crimp ring terminals, Tubular terminals, Tubular cable lugs (Standard and DIN), Angled tubular cable lugs 90°, Cable lugs, Angled cable lugs 90°, Tubular cable lugs of pure nickel, Al compression cable lugs, Al and Cu cable lugs, AL screw terminals medium voltage 10-30 KV, AL screw connectors medium voltage
  • Cable ties, accessories, nailing clips / Cable ties, nylon cable ties, black cable ties, polyamide cable ties, cable ties “UVplus”, Releasable cable ties for frequent opening and closing, Double-locking-cable ties, Cable ties with marking space, Cable ties with fixing eye, Self adhesive sockets, Hook-and-loop cable ties, Spiral bindings, Tensioning tools for cable tiesSteel cable ties, Tensioning tools for steel cable ties, Nailing clips
  • Cable glands, Dummy plugs / Cable glands IP 68, metric or PG, assembled with washer and lock nut, fully mounted, SlimTop - cable glands IP 68, metric or PG, assembled with washer and lock nut, Dummy plugs, Cable glands brass nickel-plated, IP68, fully mounted, EMC-Cable glands brass nickel-plated, IP68, fully mounted, Heat shrinkable tubes (HUPshrink), Electrical insulating tape (HUPtape)

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