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24V self-regulating heating cable

Frozen pipes can be a costly problem. When pipes are exposed to sub zero temperatures they can burst, leading to considerable damage and disruption. Our frost protection system for pipes provides an efficient solution. The self-regulating heating cable, combined with an adequate insulation, prevents water pipes and fuel oil lines from freezing.

Self-regulating with adaptable output, various temperature range applications, demand-orientated output grading, high chemical resistance, no temperature limitation required, easy to lay and to install and can be cut to length off the roll.

Thermotex SRFLV low voltage self-regulating heatig cable is a new heat solution for frost protection which can run from battery systems connected to auto vehicles (12, 24V).

SRFLV self-regulating heating cables are suitable for any pipe material (copper, threaded pipes, stainless steel pipes, plastic pipes and composite metal pipes without restriction).
For plastic pipes, please use aluminium adhesive tape.

Nominal power output: SRFLV10-24-CR 10 W/m @ +10°C
Supply voltage: 24 VAC
Maximum continuous exposure temperature (power on): 65°C
Minimum installation temperature: -15°C


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