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Domestic constant wattage heating cables

The AQUACABLE heating cable is conceived for heating water pipes made from metal or plastic, which are risk from frost, up to -20 °C. It is self-monitoring and prevents impermissible cooling, generally prevents frost damage and ensures a minimum temperature, e.g. when supplying drinking water to animals outside.

A thermostat monitors the part of the pipe presumed to have the lowest temperature. When protection against frost is required, the heating cable is activated at +5 °C and switches off again when the temperature increases.

The benefit:
The electrical energy requirement is automatically reduced to the necessary minimum.

Fitted quickly and effortlessly
The AQUACABLE heating cable is loosely fitted with slight bends, ideally along the underside of the pipe. At places requiring additional energy, such as valves, some loosely fitted coils of the heating cable provide the energy needed. The cable is fixed in place with adhesive aluminium tape or loosely fitted, temperature-resistant plastic cable ties. Plastic pipes have to be insulated with aluminium foil first. A normal layer of insulation with a thickness of at least 20 mm not only guarantees that the heating cable works, it also considerably reduces the heating needed. Now simply plug in to be frost-proof.

Nominal power output: 10W/m
Nominal voltage: 230 Volt
Exterior diameter: approx. 9.00 mm
Smallest bending radius: 45 mm
Resistance tolerance: -5% / +10%
Nominal limit temperature: 65 °C (max)
Cold water supply tubing: 1 x 2.00 m
Minimum temperature for laying: 5°C
Cold / warm transition: seamless
Temperature regulator 16A: +5°C on / +15°C off
Protection: IPX7

AQUACABLE pipe heating cable is available in the sizes given below:

AQUACABLE-1   10 W   1m
AQUACABLE-2   20 W   2m
AQUACABLE-3   30 W   3m
AQUACABLE-4   40 W   4m
AQUACABLE-5   50 W   5m
AQUACABLE-6   60 W   6m
AQUACABLE-8   80 W   8m
AQUACABLE-10 100 W 10m
AQUACABLE-12 120 W 12m
AQUACABLE-14 140 W 14m
AQUACABLE-18 180 W 18m
AQUACABLE-22 220 W 22m
AQUACABLE-24 240 W 24m

Fixing materials

ELAA-50 is a 50m roll of aluminum tape for attaching heating cables.

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