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Heat-shrinkable insulation tubings and wraparounds

Raychem heat-shrinkable tubings

WCSM is a heat-shrinkable thick-wall tubing, that is designed for insulation on low voltage cable accessories and applications, as well as for sealing and protection on low, medium and high voltage cables and accessories. Available only in coated with hot melt adhesive version, in black colour. Stabilized against UV rays, halogen-free, non-corrosive, free of lead and aluminium. Shrinking ratio: 4:1, dielectric strength: 17 kV/mm, temperature range: – 50°C…+90°C. Orderable just in cut-length.

MWTM is a medium-wall tubing. Available in sealant-coated (-S designation) or uncoated (-U designation) version. It can be used as an insulating jacket repair up to 600 V. The MWTM tubing can also be used for general sealing and rejacketing of polymeric or elastomeric insulated cables up to 35 kV. Shrinking ratio: 3:1, dielectric strength: 20 kV/mm, temperature range: – 40°C…+120°C (uncoated), – 40°C…+90°C (coated), colour: black. Orderable in cut-length or on spool.

EN-CGPT is a thin-wall tubing, without adhesive. Flexible and flame-retarded (according to IEC 60684-2 method A), universal electrical insulation, corrosion protection and marking purposes. The tubing is weather and UV-resistant. Shrinking ratio: 3:1, temperature range: – 40°C…+135°C. Basic colour is black, but further 11 colours are available. Delivery method: on spool.

EN-CGAT is a thin-wall flexible tubing, with an inner meltable adhesive lining. Typical applications are enviromental sealing for electrical components, wire breakouts and cable jackets.The tubing is weather and UV-resistant. Shrinking ratio: 3:1, temperature range: – 40°C…+80°C, colour: only black. Delivery method: on spool.

EN-DCPT is a thin-wall tubing, without adhesive. Flexible and flame-retarded (flammability is according to IEC 60684-2 method A), used to identify „ground” on wires. The tubing is weather and UV-resistant. Shrinking ratio: 2:1, temperature range: – 40°C…+135°C. Colour: yellow-green. Delivery method: on spool.

FCSM is a heat-shrinkable thick-wall tubing which combines flame-retarded properties (according to IEC 60684-2 method A, self-extinguishing 60 sec max.) with flexibility and abrasion resistance. Shrinking ratio: 3:1, dielectric strength: 13 kV/mm, temperature range: – 50°C…+90°C (uncoated), – 40°C…+90°C (coated), colour: black. Delivery method: cut-lengths, with our without adhesive.

Raychem heat-shrinking wraparounds

Raychem wraparounds are fast and reliable repair way for polymeric or paper cable sheaths to re-establish the electrical and mechanical integrity of the cable. The wraparound is supplied with an adhesive coating and it is weathering and UV-resistant. The repair sleeve is quickly fitted in place by means of its rail and channel closure. A moisture-proof, insulating and tight-fitting repair is then obtained in one step by heating, which makes the sleeve diameter shrink and the sealant coating melt and flow into interstices.

CRSM wraparounds are made of an abrasion and corrosion resistant, semi-rigid material, with a distinctive closure system, which incorporates a stainless steel channel slid over rails on the sleeve, keeps the wraparound in place during installation but can be easily removed when the adhesive has set. Their adhesive have excellent bonding and sealing characteristics therefore they applicable on various cable and sheath constructions, such as plastic, rubber, lead, oil-paper and aluminium.

MRSM is a wraparounds system for rubber sheated cable repair. Due to the high abrasion resistance, flexibility and flammability (self extinguishing afeter 60 sec. max.) performance, they are applicable on mining cables.

RFSM heat-shrinkable heavy-wall wraparound is made of thick wall woven and additionally fibre-reinforced polyolefin material with an adhesive coating. Approved for applications also in pressurized cable networks, as used in high voltage or telecom. Fibre-reinforced structure and thick wall design enable superiour mechanical strength and impact resistance characteristics. Its outer surface is treated with a temperature-indicating system to indicate the shrinking quality during installation.

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