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Heat-shrinkable low voltage terminations

Raychem halogen free low voltage cable terminations, breakouts and sealing ends

Raychem heat-shrinkable termination systems are for plastic or oil-paper insulated cables up to 1 kV.

The EPKT-00xx low voltage family is designed for 3-, 4- and 5-core polymeric insulated cables with or without armour. The cable break is sealed by an adhesive lined heat-shrinkable breakout, which is installed over the cores and the end of the oversheath. Heat-shrinkable tubing seal between the cable lug and the end of the core insulation. EPKT-00xx kits with -L12 include mechanical lugs with a busbar connection hole for M12 connection bolts.

For outdoor application a UV-light protection of the core insulation is required, the EN-CGPT insulating tubing can be ordered separately. For indoor application only a heat-shrinking breakouts like 502K/…breakouts can be used as a cable termination.

EPKE-4x… heat-shrinkable live end seals for polymeric and paper insulated cables include 4 small caps and a larger end cap -with lightning sign on it- protects the cores and seals to the oversheath.

Raychem heat-shrinkable halogen-free cable caps

The 102L-0xx heat-shrinkable, inside coated with hot-melt adhesive, end caps are used on plastic, paper and rubber insulated cables to seal and protect their ends during storage, transport and cable laying. The caps are resistant to UV-light and weathering.

GURO-CEC insulating caps

The GURO-CEC insulating elastomeric caps are made of transparent silicone. They can be used for cable ends sealing, without using flame.

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