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RDSS duct sealing system

Raychem duct sealing system RDSS-Rayflate Duct Sealing System

It is designed for use on power cables to provide a watertight seal when used with plastic, concrete or steel ducting systems. It can be used for water blocking of the cable entry of a transformer housing or a manhole.

The Rayflate seal consists of an inflatable bladder of flexible, metallic laminate, coated on both sides with a sealant strip. With the sealant strips lubricated, the product is simply wrapped around the cable and easily slides into the duct. The bladder is then inflated with a gas pressure tool which presses the sealant coating against the duct wall and the cable. Upon removal of the filling tube, an automatic gel valve system reliably retains the gas pressure in the Rayflate duct seal. The entire installation is performed within a few minutes even under hydrostatic pressure. It is not a flame retardant system, but a good way to keep away the small animals (e.g. rats) from the manhole.

The diameter of the hole that to be sealed can be from 32,5 mm up to 210 mm. There are 6 sizes of RDSS (RDSS-45 RDSS-60 RDSS-75 RDSS-100 RDSS-125 RDSS-150). Above of the hole diameter 180 mm RDSS-AD-210 must be used. RDSS can seal even a blind hole If three or more cables have to be sealed, an RDSS-Clip is used in combination with the RDSS duct seal.

Rayflate duct seals can be installed using a wide variety of inflation tools, which have the capability to inflate the bag to 3,0 ±0,2 bar pressure. The recommended installation tool by TE Connectivity is RDSS-IT-16, the gas cylinder is E7512-0160.

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