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Tools for installation cable accessories

TE Connectivity offers tools for installation Raychem cable accessories. Application range, burning temperature etc. of these tools fit in with the dimension, required preparation sizes, and shrinking temperature of the products.

FH-1630 gas torch assembly:
The FH-1630 torch assembly for rapid installation of heat-shrinkable materials offers maximum burning efficiency and the best available balance of surface preheat. All system components are fully compatible. Sets either with piezo ignition torch handle FH-1630-PIE-MC10 or set without piezo ignition FH-1630-S-MC-10 are available. Torch boxes sets are in metal case, they include nozzles, constant pressure regulator, automatic cut-off valve and a high pressure hose. They are ideal to be held in a service car.

The tool kit contains all basic tools usually required for the cable preparation and the installation of accessories. There are two toolcase: IT-1000-CEE02 include further tools than they are in the IT-1000-001-CEE01.

IT-1000-017-20 és IT-1000-030-2:
Designed for screen removing of round plastic insulated conductors with coextruded and bonded semi-conductive screen. It is continuously adjustable to the core diameters within given range. Cutting depth easily changed with a knurled head screw. Delivered completely with operating manual in a tool box.

Insulation and cable oversheath stripping tool. Designed for insulation removing and jacket stripping of plastic insulated cables, range from 35 mm2 10 kV to 500 mm2 35 kV. The special shape of the knife lifts the sheath at the cutting point and thus prevents damage to any components underneath. Tool is supplied completely with an operating manual in a box. Spare blade is orderable.

Ratchet type cable cutter for aluminium and copper conductors, stranded or solid up to 400 mm2. Application range: Ø max. 52 mm.

Insulation stripping pliers for paper insulated cables. It is applicable for core insulation removal on polymeric insulated cables too, with limitation.

Very durable cable knife with fixed blade.

Tool for holding mechanical connectors in position while tightening the bolts. The torques of it prevents bending and twisting of cable cores during the installation.

Inflation tool for RDSS duct seals complete with ON/OFF switch and an automatic pressure monitoring system. The required CO2 gas cylinders (E7512-0160) must be ordered separately.

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