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Self-regulating heating cables

Ice and snow on paths, loading, bays, driveways, ramps, stairs, and other access ways, can present a major problem causing accidents and delays. To help prevent this liability, we provides the complete Raychem, Thermotex and Eltrace heating cable range of ground heating solutions to prevent snow and ice formation.

Our offered Raychem ViaGard EM2-XR and Thermotex SRF SM2-CR self-regulating heating cables product line supplemented with complete accessory systems.

These snow melting systems are ruggedly constructed to resist tough installation conditions including concrete, sand and even hot poured asphalt.

These surface heating systems are built to withstand demanding installation conditions and to give reliable ice and snow melting across the installed surface.


Self-regulating with adaptable output, various temperature range applications, demand-orientated output grading, high chemical resistance, no temperature limitation required, easy to lay and to install and can be cut to length off the roll.

EM2-XR and SM2-CR heating cables can be used in reinforced concrete, sand bed and asphalt (Unsuitable for use in poured asphalt) ramps. When laying directly in concrete with a covering of at least 20 mm, an asphalt layer of max. 40 mm can be applied on the concrete surface (max. 250°C)!
The heating cable should not be applied over expansion joints. Lay a separate heating circuit on either side of the expansion joint.

Raychem / ViaGard EM2-XR

Nominal power output: 90 W/m @ +0°C (130 W/m @ -10°C) in concrete
Supply voltage: 230 VAC
Maximum continuous exposure temperature (power on): 100°C
Minimum installation temperature: -20°C
Aprovals: CE, VDE 

Thermotex / SRF SM2-CR

Nominal power output: 80-90 W/m @ +0°C in concrete
Supply voltage: 230 VAC
Maximum continuous exposure temperature (power on): 100°C
Minimum installation temperature: -20°C
Aprovals: CE


VIA-CE1 cold lead connection and end seal kit.
VIA-DU-20 Control unit with temperature and moisture sensors

The control unit features a combined sensor module, which measures ground temperature, ground moisture and ambient temperature. Working together, these sensors only activate the surface heating when ice and snow conditions exist. Conventional systems start working when the temperature falls below a set point. In comparison, the VIA-DU-20 control remains off until ice or snow is present, and as a result reduces the energy use – and cost - of operating the snow melting system.

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